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Imagine trying to explain to your friend what it’s like to swim, fly or sky dive.  Or maybe you try to explain what it’s like to be at a professional football game with 60,000 screaming fans.  You could certainly be descriptive and explain the experience.  You could use a “thousand” words to describe the feeling.  However, for a person to truly feel how great or thrilling it is, they have to experience it firsthand.   To understand, they have to feel that moment of floating in air or water, or hear the thunderous roar of a crowd.  Well, what if, instead of explaining, you had the ability to let your friend try out swimming, flying or skydiving.  What if you could transport them for just a moment into a football stadium on game day?  That’s what it’s like for your customer when you offer them a demo.  For that short moment, they get to fully understand how it feels to drive the tractor or operate the power equipment.  The importance of this feeling is critical when selling.

With this concept in mind, why do we offer so few demos in our sales interactions?  Working with several dealerships in the equipment business and analyzing their actual sales interactions, a demo is offered in less than half of the in-store sales calls.  Working with the sales teams, I try to bring it closer to home for them.  I ask, “Would you ever buy a car without test driving it?”  In 100% of their replies, the answer is “No!”.  My next question is then, “Why not at least offer to put your customer in the driver’s seat and let them experience the tractor or power equipment they are looking at?”

Sure, it takes time and effort.  Sure, the customer tells you they are just looking.   Sure, you may not get the sale just because you allowed them to demo it. But, think about a few facts.  We remember:

  • 10% of what we read,
  • 20% of what we hear,
  • 30% of what we see,
  • 70% of what we say AND
  • 90% of what we do!

If this customer does end up leaving the dealership after doing a demo and shops around, the odds are in your favor of being remembered when they do decide to buy.  You took the time to explain the features & benefits.  You took the time to allow them to try it out.  Now, they know what it feels like to drive your tractor or operate your power equipment.

Join me November 28th for the webinar

“Increasing Sales Through Demos”

brought to you by the Equipment Dealer’s Association.  We will cover more reasons why you should offer a demo to 100% of the customers that walk into your dealership.  We will also cover best practices on how to conduct successful demos.

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