Increasing Sales Through Demos

Equipment buyers have access to more information and markets than any other time in history.  The internet provides an overload of information on features, benefits, options and certainly pricing.  As equipment sellers, we are always looking for that one way to stand out to our buyers.  Is it our knowledge, our marketing efforts, our service department or our financing options?  In this session, we will discuss one of the best ways for you to differentiate yourself and your products.  Why is it different?  Because less than half of your competitors are using it?  Join EDA and Greg Martinelli from Ag Sales Professionals as we discuss how to increase sales through demos.

Greg will discuss:

  • Why a Demo is so important to the selling process
  • Best Practices when offering a Demo
  • The three types of customers coming in your store and why the need a Demo
  • How to differentiate yourself with a Demo
  • Special considerations for an on-farm Demo

Don’t miss this important webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, November 28th at 12:00pm (Central)

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