Will New Pesticide Regulations Affect Dealers

The Obama administration is moving to protect agricultural workers — and, particularly, children who work on farms — from exposure to harmful pesticides. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Labor Department announced the pesticide standards Monday, which include new age requirements and enhanced training for the nation’s 2 million agricultural workers.

“We will not turn our backs on the people that help feed this nation,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told reporters. “There is nothing we think that deserves closer scrutiny and attention than the handling of pesticides,” she added. The standards will protect agricultural workers who spray pesticides on crops or harvest those crops. They will apply to those who work not only on farms, but also in forests, nurseries and greenhouses, the agencies said.

Among the requirements, children under the age of 18 will be prohibited from working with pesticides. The Labor Department and EPA will also require annual training for those who work around pesticides. Previously, training was only required once every five years.

Source: The Hill

NAEDA is going to be following the implementation of these new regulations as to how they might impact dealers and their employees who work on and repair sprayers and other equipment that might have been exposed to pesticides.