The Key to Success: Keeping It Simple

This year, LS Tractor was chosen as the top-rated tractor manufacturer in the Equipment Dealers Association 2018 Dealer’s Choice Awards. This is the fourth consecutive year the company has garnered this award, something no other company has achieved. These awards, which are based on the EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey, recognize manufacturers that are leading the industry in providing top-quality service, support, products and parts to dealers.

This four-time win is quite a feat given the relative youth of LS Tractor’s North American operations. LS Tractor was established in the 1970s, but its operations here began in 2009. With its home office in Battleboro, N.C., it has more than 330 dealers in its North American network and is considered one of the fastest growing tractor companies in the world.

“This honor from dealers gives us a great sense of pride,” says Craig O’Brien, commercial relations manager at LS Tractor. “We’ve been taking our business very seriously, and so this is really the ultimate in customer satisfaction—our tractors end up with consumers, and we satisfy that consumer through our dealers.”

Decentralization Is Important

And perhaps it’s the relative newness of their business that works to their advantage. “We believe what has been paramount to our success is the structure of our organization. It’s very decentralized,” says O’Brien. That means a dealer doesn’t have to go through layers of the organization to get to the person they need to answer their questions. Every dealer “has easy access to me, or a regional business manager or the CEO,” he adds.

O’Brien points out another key to what sets their products and company apart: “There’s a simplicity of doing business with us. There are no gimmicks or sales pitches. Our programs are simple and direct, and focus on benefits to the dealer.”

Having won the award for four consecutive years means that LS Tractor has surpassed other manufacturers in overall dealer satisfaction each of these years—an achievement in itself, says O’Brien. But winning this award in does not mean the company is “resting on its laurels.” LS Tractor also uses the survey, which rates 12 operational categories ranging from product quality to customer service, as a “measuring tool” and a means to determine how they can do things better for their dealers and customers year after year.

It’s Personal

What has helped LS Tractor rise to the top in dealer and customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons O’Brien enjoys what he does: “I love working in a small, organic organization, where I have the freedom and flexibility to interact with dealers at various level. I see myself as a resource to dealers, one that they can utilize and get their questions answered.” Next up? There are key dealer conferences, says O’Brien, where they will be discussing new strategies for the coming year.

About the Awards

The EDA Dealer’s Choice Awards are based on the results from the annual EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey, which received input from 2,200 dealer participants in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces to rate up to seven manufacturer lines they carry in 12 key business categories. Manufacturers participating in the survey are classified in one of four different categories: full-line, short-line, tractor and outdoor power equipment.