Scag Power Equipment Achieves Second EDA Dealer’s Choice Award

​Scag Power Equipment has been recognized for the second time with an EDA Dealer’s Choice Award. The company, honored in 2014, repeated this year in the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) category based on results of EDA’s 2017 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey.

Scag achieved the highest ratings among OPEs in the survey, which measured performance in 11 business categories plus a separate overall satisfaction rating from dealers. In 2015 and 2016, the company received a Gold Level Award, presented to manufacturers that receive exemplary ratings in the report.

“We really appreciate the support of our dealer network, which means everything to us,” said John Crowson, president of Scag Power Equipment. “We rely completely on our dealers to go to market, so receiving the 2017 Dealer’s Choice Award is very gratifying to all of us at Scag.”

He noted that the company has a two-step distribution system, which includes independent distributors that support the dealer network. “These distributors do a great job providing products and services to our dealers, and they played a key role in the high survey ratings we received,” he said.

Crowson also credits product innovation. “We always try to make significant updates and enhancements to our product line each year, and the past year was no different,” he said. “We had significant changes in several key models that our dealers appreciated, and which indicated that we listened to the feedback they provided.”

“Scag and Scag distributors work incredibly hard to maintain positive relationships with their dealers, as evidenced by their top scores over the last four years,” said Joe Dykes, vice president of industry relations for EDA. “I’m impressed that after two consecutive Gold Level Awards they were able to increase their scores enough to achieve the Dealer’s Choice Award this year.  The desire for improvement is critical for both the dealer and end user.”

Based in Mayville, Wisconsin, Scag Power Equipment has become one of the largest independent manufacturers of commercial mowing equipment in the world. Mowers and accessories are designed to be user friendly, with an emphasis on quality, performance, ease of maintenance, profitability and long life.  The company has 1,100 dealers in North America and an additional 200 dealers around the world.

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