EDA’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey Questionnaire Released

​​The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) released the 2017 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey questionnaire on Wednesday, February 15th. The survey was sent to over 18,000 agriculture and OPE equipment dealer contacts throughout the United States and Canada. The Dealer-Manufacturer Relations survey is conducted annually and allows equipment dealers to anonymously rate manufacturers whose lines they carry in their dealership.

Dealers will have the opportunity to rate up to seven manufacturers they represent on various factors relating to business operations and support. Manufacturers are then are compared to all manufacturers as well as subdivided into four categories: Full-Line, Tractor, Shortline and OPE. Both manufacturers and dealers utilize the data from the report to improve their businesses. Dealers may use the survey data to evaluate new product lines to consider carrying and manufacturers are able to compare their products and services to their competitors.

Only the manufacturers who receive enough rankings will be listed in the report. These manufacturers and the dealers who participate in the survey will receive a free copy of the report. In 2016 the survey was sent to over 12,000 dealers and over 9,000 responded. EDA hopes to increase the number of responses in 2017. If you did not receive the survey questionnaire email, check your span filters or junk email folders for an email from the Equipment Dealers Association. Additionally, if you did not receive the survey and wish to fill it out, contact EDA at 636.349.5000 or info@equipmentdealer.org. More information on the Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey is available here.