Dixie Chopper Receives Second Consecutive Most Improved Company Award

Manufacturer News – July 14, 2016

​The 2014 Equipment Dealers Association’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey Report showed that Dixie Chopper needed to address several areas of concern expressed by its dealers. The Indiana-based manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial mowers began making significant investments to improve product quality and dealer support.

Those efforts have delivered impressive results, and in this year’s EDA survey, Dixie Chopper received the Most Improved Company Award for the second consecutive year.

“A lot of our people have been working very hard on these improvements and we are very pleased the dealers recognized these efforts in the survey results,” said Chris Vernon, Dixie Chopper vice president and general manager.

Vernon said product improvements have included changes to the mower drive system, including engine and transmission changes to enhance overall performance and reliability. Equipment styling has been enhanced and comfort features, such as new seating, have also been added.

Addressing dealer relations, Dixie Chopper improved its marketing and technical support, as well as dealer communications. “We are doing a better job at keeping our U.S. dealer network informed about the improvements we have been making and expect to make,” he explained.

Vernon said receiving the 2016 Most Improved Company award was greatly appreciated, but not a complete surprise. “We have been working very hard and the anecdotal feedback from our dealers supported our belief that the survey scores would reflect our efforts, and we were pleased that, in fact, they did,” he said.

He noted that the ongoing upgrades have contributed to double digit sales growth for Dixie Chopper. With back-to-back improvement awards under its belt, the company is now setting its sights on eventually receiving an EDA Dealer’s Choice Award.

“We are thrilled to recognize Dixie Chopper as the most improved manufacturer again this year,” said Rick Lawhun, president and CEO of EDA. “We appreciate that they use the information provided in our survey report in the manner in which it is intended – an opportunity to address areas of need and better serve their dealers and customers. With the continuous improvement they have shown the past two years, I have no doubt they will be in the running to take home a Dealer’s Choice Award in the near future.”

“Our management team has been going through the 2016 survey results, and ultimately we want to be the best in class,” he said. “We know we have more work to do and want to continue to drive for annual improvement. The end goal is really to promote dealer success and we use this survey as a measuring stick of the things we are working on and things that are important to them.”

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​Photo Above: Chris Vernon, Dixie Chopper Vice President and General Manager