EDA and AEM Tackle Right to Repair Throughout U.S.

The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), in partnership with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has been working on the behalf of dealers all across the country.  Over the last few weeks we have sent joint letters to several key states opposing Right to Repair Bills.

The bills are as follows:

Washington House Bill No. 2279 – sponsored by Representative Morris

Vermont Senate Bill No. 180 – sponsored by Senator Pearson

Virginia House Bill No. 468 – sponsored by Delegate Carter

New Hampshire House Bill No. 1733 – sponsored by Representative Irwin

Minnesota SF 15. – sponsored by Senator Osmek

The letters were signed by Nick Yaksich, Senior VP of Government & Industry Relations for AEM and Kim Rominger, President and CEO of EDA.

An example of one of the letters is available here: Joint Opposition Letter – Minnesota

For additional information about Right to Repair check out www.R2Rsolutions.org.