U.S. and Canada Sales of Under 40-HP 2WD Farm Tractors Strongest in December

According to the December 2016 United States and Canada Tractor and Combine reports recently published by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), unit sales of under 40-horsepower 2WD farm tractors in December were the bright spot of the report. Total U.S. retail sales of the under 40-HP units increased 18.2 percent and Canada retail sales in this category increased 17.4 percent compared to December unit sales last year. Looking at the entire year of 2016, U.S. unit sales in the under 40-horsepower category are up 12.1 percent while Canada unit sales declined 7.7 percent.

Besides a nominal increase in December retail sales for the 40-100 horsepower 2WD tractors in the U.S., retail sales of over 40-horsepower 2WD and 4WD farm tractors and combines show negative trends both in the U.S. and Canada for December and compared to 2016.

Sources: AEM U.S. Ag Tractor and Combine Report December 2016; AEM Canada Tractor and Combine Report December 2016