Key Customer Panel Session at 2015 GIE+EXPO

EDA sponsored and coordinated a Key Customer Panel at the 2015 GIE+EXPO for OPE dealers. Key Customer Panel included representatives from commercial lawn care and landscaping firms. The main theme of the discussion was how can OPE dealers better serve their top commercial customers. The featured panelist were Jerry Grossi, Arbor Lawn, Lansing MI; Stephen Hillenmeyer, Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services, Lexington, KY and Robert Mann, Lawn Dog, Inc., Nashua, NH.

Some takeaways from the commercial customer panel:

  • Be proactive – help customer prevent equipment downtime through preventing maintenance training with operators
  • Educate the customer on the cost and benefits of turning equipment over
  • Know your niche and specialize, consider thinning lines carried to better focus your expertise
  • Develop relationships and enhance the value of doing business with the dealership

Special thanks to Kim Rominger of the Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association who assisted in monitoring the panel and Joe Dykes, EDA, for setting up the panel.