Beat the Winter Weather and Holiday Rush with Help from FedEx 

Your shipping needs to go smoothly while you juggle countless other tasks during the holiday rush. To make sure EDA dealers can focus on what’s important, FedEx is here to help with your packing and shipping needs. See the ways we can help keep you merry and bright and your packages on their way so you can get through the holidays with less worry and with plenty of joy.

No additional holiday residential surcharges on packages

Keeping your costs down as orders increase during the busy holiday season is important. FedEx is committed to supporting your business by not charging additional residential surcharges on packages during the holidays. Other surcharges and fees may apply.

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Pack it smart

Get your package off to the right start by packing it like a pro. Proper packing can help keep your item safe and sound during its journey. Here are the top packing tips from FedEx:

  1. Choose a new, sturdy box a few inches bigger than your item. Reusing a box? Make sure it’s undamaged, and remove any old labels.
  2. Add 1–2 inches of cushioning on all sides of your item, including top and bottom. Fragile gift? Pack it with plenty of cushioning in one box and then place it (with another layer of padding) in a larger box.
  3. Double check your destination address, whether printed on a shipping label or handwritten on an airbill.
  4. Inside the package, insert a piece of paper, copy of the label, business card or letterhead with the address. That way, if the label does come off, your package destination can still be identified.
  5. Use packing tape to seal all edges. Duct tape and masking tape won’t do the trick. Remember to make an “H” shape when taping it — one strip down the middle and one on each end.

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Get holiday info in one place

December offers tremendous opportunities to grow your business. Get a jump on this busy season with helpful resources on the FedEx Holiday Help Hub. From up-to-date holiday service schedules to information on delivery and shipping options, the FedEx Holiday Help Hub will set you up for holiday success.

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Ship it fast and affordably

When shipping this holiday season, FedEx has the options that fit the budget and delivery speed you need. FedEx Ground is day-definite, so you’ll know when your package is scheduled to arrive. And FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. So ship your holiday packages with cost-effective, day-definite service you can count on. See how FedEx Ground can give you the reliability, speed and reach you need this season at the FedEx® Small Business Center.

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Easy savings 

Take full advantage of your membership: If you’re not already enjoying savings on FedEx® shipping, be sure to sign up for the EDA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®. It’s simple to enroll and there’s no cost and no minimum shipping requirements. Call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902 or visit to enroll today.