Your Website: The Foundation of all your Marketing

Your solid foundation is your website and your online business directories. Sure, you can participate in all sorts of social media and marketing platforms, but if consumers don’t like the final product, or if your business directories are incorrect, all your efforts to get them where you want them will likely go unnoticed. If you don’t have a website that provides positive experiences for your audience, then you can kiss your amazing ads and social media efforts goodbye. Consumers want to visit a website and they want to experience a page that speaks directly to their needs. Responsive web design is important for your foundation because 80 percent of smartphone users now use mobile to shop. You do not want your audience to pick your competitor simply because you don’t have a solid foundation.

Your brand should be built on engaging consumer and reflect your product’s strengths and benefits. In order to do that, you must know who your target audience is. Personalizing the web experience for your consumer has never been more important in this day in age, and is now key when it comes to building your foundation. Businesses have had to evolve based on our need to know everything now, thanks to the Internet and smartphones. Before even stepping into the door of a business, a potential consumer can Google that business and, if it doesn’t provide them the content they are looking for, then they will go to the competitor.

In order to thrive in today’s market, you must have an online storefront that is as organized and pleasant as your physical location. Your website is an extension of your physical locations, so it should include the core values and priorities of each of your stores. It is important that your business matches your look and feel throughout every medium. Information-only websites aren’t useful to potential consumers anymore. Consumers will look at 7.2 websites prior to making a purchase. You are trained to convert consumers who come into your business, but are you converting lookers into consumers in your online store? Tim Whitley, CEO of Team SI, will go through a detailed checklist of necessary elements to ensure a strong, successful online storefront that will build on your potential and current consumer relationships.