UEDA Announces New Interactive Tool for Reporting Flat Rate Repair Times

The UNITED Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) has announced the launch of a new interactive tool that will provide dealers with a web portal and secure API to find and report OPE flat rate repair times with more current accurate information to determine job pricing. With information from this tool, the UNITED OPE FLAT RATE GUIDE (OPE FRG), dealers can increase their productivity and profits and improve customer relations.

Kim Rominger, UNITED Equipment Dealers Association Executive Vice President/CEO, described the new tool as “the only industry resource that factors actual dealer times into the flat rate calculation used to determine job pricing.” He said the project is not just important to members of UEDA, but to all dealers selling and servicing the machines found in the OPE FRG.

“This interactive guide is a huge improvement over the paper guide,” Rominger said. “It will be constantly updated with new models populated by dealers using the guide. It will allow dealers to pull information from the web site down to populate their jobs. It will also allow dealers to push information back where we can incorporate new times, new models and additional information that helps dealers in the service shop on a daily basis.”

The UNITED OPE FRG is available for dealers to pilot effective immediately. To learn more, view the full press release here.