Terry Implement Uses EDF Scholarship to Train 3rd Generation of Ownership

Terry Implement has been a family centered business since its founding in 1959. Now, almost 50 years later, EDF scholarship recipient Tannah Terry hopes to continue the legacy that her grandparents created. She is the next generation of the family dealership and recipient of the 2018 Equipment Dealers Foundation Scholarship.

Terry, a student at Northwest Missouri State University, is passionate about agriculture, business, and family. Since a young age she has seen the importance of educating her community in these areas as well. “Growing up in a rural community, I never realized that many people cannot even tell you what agriculture really is, besides farmers”, says Terry. “They do not know where their food comes from, or that farmers are also consumers. It really put things into perspective for me.” She says that growing up with ties to a dealership has helped her to understand the industry on a deeper level. Starting out just running errands for her parents, Terry’s role at the dealership has grown to include customer interaction and service as well as helping with marketing strategies.

After being exposed to the dealership as a child, Terry joined the FFA where her passion for all aspects of the family business began to grow. She credits the organization with her understanding of the farmer-consumer relationship and its need for improvement. She was also able to merge her time in the FFA with valuable training at her family’s dealership as a part of her SAE (supervised agricultural experience), which is a program required for students in order to achieve a Chapter Degree from their FFA Organization.

Her knowledge on the issues facing the industry has increased through her time in college and at the dealership. “Being able to work alongside two of the hardest working people I know, my parents, has taught me more than any class ever could,” says Terry. “I have learned the value of a dollar, time, and how to work hard to chase after something you want”.

When asked about what she would tell other young people contemplating a career in the agricultural industry Terry enthusiastically responds, “Do it! Agriculturalists are needed more now than ever. You do not have to be a farmer to be involved!”

With her scholarship, Terry plans to finish her education at Northwest Missouri University and continue to work for Terry Implement focusing on marketing and eventually hoping “to do what mom does” and run the family business.