New Oil Guard System Provides Unique Solution for the Commercial Mower Industry

The Equipment Dealers Association is attending GIE+EXPO again this year and one thing we have been looking forward to is new product announcements and demonstrations. This year we had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at one of those new technologies up close.

EDA was invited to an event hosted by Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard on Tuesday prior to the open of GIE+EXPO. The event was a product announcement and demonstration for Vanguard’s new oil system, Oil Guard. The Oil Guard system is an exciting new solution for the commercial mower industry and is unique in that is a dry sump system. A dry sump system is different than the traditional “wet sump” because the oil is stored externally versus staying in the pump, which means less oil in the sump during operation. This is superior as it protects the oil from thermal breakdown and results in a cooler-running engine.

There are three primary benefits of the Oil Guard system:

  1. ​500-hour oil change interval. A significant improvement over the average 100-hour interval.
  2. Approximately 60 percent cost savings per season due to increased maintenance interval, lower labor and filter costs.
  3. Faster, easier oil changes with less mess (no tools required, oil change takes roughly 10 minutes).

Another great perk – although Vanguard recommends its 15W-50 Vanguard oil with the Oil Guard system, all commercially available oils have been tested and will be effective.

This new technology is currently being offered on select models of Ferris Mowers with 810cc and Big Block commercial engines, all available in November. Oil Guard is exclusive to Ferris for the 2017 model year, but will be available to select manufacturers in the future. Ferris is a 2016 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey Gold Level Award winner.

We encourage dealers and attendees at GIE+EXPO to check out the Briggs & Stratton and Ferris booths to learn about the technology first hand.

For additional information:

Oil Guard Press Release