It Really Isn’t “Work” at All

Can a high-school internship turn into a career? It just may for Jordon Shaw of Fox Lake, Wis. As part of his high-school curriculum his senior year, he began working at Waupun Equipment, and he continued on through the summer.

“I’m doing a little bit of everything,” Jordon says, “including learning how to fix things, going over new tractors to learn how they work and making sure they’re all ready to go.” And he loves what he does. “Every chance I get I come here. I like making something work—to me, that’s not working at all,” he adds.

And it something he comes by naturally. He grew up on a hobby farm and helped out his dad around the farm and with maintenance. Now, what he likes about working at the dealership is that the more experienced technicians are helping him learn the ins and outs of the trade by showing him what to do.

Fall means school for Jordon at Fox Valley Technical College, where he’ll be studying to be an ag equipment service technician. The scholarship he received from the Equipment Dealers Foundation will help him achieve his goal. “I was really surprised when boss told me I won. I wasn’t expecting it,” he says. “It’s a privilege to have it, and I feel pretty special about getting it.”

Hard Work and Dedication

Dan Scheuers, of Waupun Equipment, recommended Jordon for the scholarship not only because he grew up around the ag business, including as a member of FFA, but because of his hard work, dedication and “the continued asset he will become with his future in the agriculture equipment industry.”

School holds a lot of promise for Jordon. “I’m looking forward to learning more about ag equipment, how everything operates and functions. I want to know how it works—the things that go into it—instead of just fixing things,” he says. He’s also excited by the prospect of being certified so he can work on varied farm machinery and more complicated projects.

And Jordon’s advice for someone considering a career like his? “Do what I did. They should work with it like I did, and then they’ll know if it’s for them or not. You don’t really know until you physically do it,” he says.

About the Scholarship

The EDF was established in 1988 to provide scholarship funding to help meet the industry’s needs for trained individuals. EDF also provides temporary assistance for dealerships and its employees affected by natural disasters. Learn more about EDF here.