EDA Attends 2018 SARE Conference

From April 3 to 5, The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the United States Department of Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program hosted farmers, ranchers, researchers, educators, and other members of the agriculture industry from across the nation in St. Louis, Missouri for their “Our Farms, Our Future” conference.  Nearly 1,000 people gathered for the conference to celebrate 30 years of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program – and plan for the next 30 years of sustainable American agriculture.  Among those in attendance was EDA’s Director of Government Relations, Alexis Strieker.

Strieker had the incredible opportunity to join with many key stakeholders in the sustainable agriculture community.  She contributed to the important dialogue about the trajectory of sustainable agriculture through engaging panels, technical and issue-oriented breakout sessions, and other networking opportunities.

To start the conference, Strieker listened to an intriguing panel discussion, led by USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky and former Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden, on the challenges and opportunities related to the sustainability of U.S. agriculture.  Strieker attended numerous breakout sessions, both technical and issued-oriented in nature.  She participated in conversation from a wide variety of topics ranging from discovering tools to ensure sound financial management and farm financial success, learning how climate change will affect the agriculture industry, and exploring how to create meaningful natural and social science learning opportunities for students in today’s sustainable agriculture disciplines.

In addition to the panels, Strieker attended a federal policy session.  This session explored the interplay between the sustainable agriculture movement and federal policy reform.  Ferd Hoefner, senior strategic advisor with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and Margaret Krome, program director for public policy with the Michael Fields Agriculture Institute, lead a discussion with session participants following their respective presentations.  The focal point of the session revolved around the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and Fiscal Year 2019 agricultural appropriations bill, and the path into the future of policy change.

“I was very honored to be in the presence of so many who are truly the driving force for sustainable agriculture,” Strieker said.  “I look forward to applying some of the principles that I took away from the conference, and incorporating them in the equipment industry.”

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