Bourgault takes EDA’s Dealer’s Choice Award in Shortline Category

For the second consecutive year, Bourgault Industries has achieved high ratings from its dealers and has been recognized as the Shortline Manufacturing category recipient of The Equipment Dealers Association’s (EDA)’s 2018 Dealer’s Choice Award.

In order to continue their success year after year, President Gerry Bourgault continues to push for ways that the business can innovate and improve. He said “We have made major efforts to improve our ability to provide service parts in the timeliest manner possible.  This spring, because of how the weather abruptly went from record cold to unseasonably warm for most of our North American market, we set new records for the number of parts that we shipped out in a single day in order to meet the parts orders that we received.   Without having invested time and energy to improve our service parts delivery system, we could not have met the dealer demand without a one day delay in shipping the parts orders that arrived later in the day.”

The timely distribution of service parts for their products is not the only hallmark of Bourgault equipment – quality is also a large factor in the high ratings that dealers award the company. “We think that the biggest reason for our success is that our dealers can make good returns with our product line,” said Bourgault, “we do the R and D that is required to ensure that the products perform how we represent that they will perform and so that they are reliable and durable.   This means that our dealers do not have to spend an inordinate amount of resources to support our product line so that their margins are not eroded after the deals are made.”

Bourgault also knows the importance of working not only with their dealers, but with their end customers as well when products or service are not perfect. “Whenever we make mistakes, which we clearly do, we will accept responsibility for them and work with our dealers to address them in a reasonable way,” said Bourgault, “if the mistake involves an end customer, we will work with our dealer to try and address the mistake in such a way that the dealer and our company can maintain the trust of the customer.  We believe that it is not whether or not we have made a mistake that matters most but how we react to the mistakes that we make.”

Since its founding in 1974, Bourgault Industries, based in St. Brieux in Saskatchewan, Canada, and operates manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA.  It has maintained a vast network of dealers throughout North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The company serves the agricultural industry with a broad product lineup, including cultivators, chisel plows, air seeders, air hoe and air coulter drills, air seeder carts, soil preparation equipment, harrow drawbars and packer drawbars all while maintaining strict quality for their consumers and dealers.

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