A Commitment to the Future of Ag Defines Torgerson’s Company Culture

Torgerson’s, a Case IH equipment dealership in Montana, has been in CEO Brion Torgerson’s family since the first store opened in Ethridge, Montana in 1912. Now, more than 100 years later, the dealership has eight locations across the state, and focuses on precision ag and agronomy. With a culture that emphasizes building partnerships with customers and giving back to their community, Torgerson’s is helping find solutions for farmers while supporting the future of agriculture.

According to Torgerson, the company’s philosophy is less about the color of paint on the equipment, and more about the quality of people and solving customers’ problems.

“Our customers are looking for a return on investment on a per acre basis,” he explained. “Their major focus is reducing input costs and getting even 50 cents to a dollar return on a per acre basis. They want to know what we bring to the table to help them do that.”

One way Torgerson’s helps address customer needs is through a partnership with Agri-Trend. Torgerson’s was the first Case IH dealership in the country to offer this service, which provides coaching, knowledge and data to help farmers get the most out of their operation.

“It really develops the partnership with the customer,” said Torgerson. “Now that the economy has drastically changed, it has caused a major refocus in the customer and dealer’s mind. We have to be aligned with the customer’s needs.”

To support that goal, Torgerson said that employees have a set of core values guiding them: Passion, integrity, teamwork, commitment, resourceful, respect and quality.

“We strive every day to live by our core values in action and not just words,” he said. “Our entire company had input as to what each core value means to them. It is a company-wide agreement.”

Employees also put community service into action. Torgerson said they go above donating money and often give their time to various causes and organizations. The company was the first corporate sponsor for Montana FFA and is heavily involved in every FFA chapter in the state. They also support Montana 4-H.

“We have a culture within our company to volunteer and give time to keep the ag industry moving forward. That’s why we give back,” he said.

In addition, the company provides equipment to Montana State University-Northern in Havre, the premier four-year diesel tech school in the U.S. Torgerson said universities usually train students on equipment that is up to 40 years old. Every year, Torgerson’s provides brand new Case IH iron for students to work on, which allows the college to train their students on state-of-the-art technology. Torgerson said that this service has helped enrollment in the program at MSU-Northern grow.

“As a dealer, we have to take action and be proactive in giving back to communities,” explained Torgerson. “It’s a circle of life. We can’t just take, take, take and do business. It’s important to grow the next line of technicians, parts people and management, and you can only do that by giving back.”